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Also I don't want to throw all Filipino women under the bus but the two that liked me I just didn't like the feeling I got from them.

I asked many questions and it was clear that they viewed whites as better and one even said if they could be a white woman they would.

If your celebrities are lighter skinned, this affects people's attraction and girls know that having a kid with a white man will result in the child doing better in Filipino society.

It's not indoctrination as much as it is culture...

sigh Also most black women are angry at losing their men to white women predominately. Same with a black woman, they may say you go for them because white women don't want you. Seen quite a few black-Asian couples in the Philippines, too. I guess with his 180 IQ he could be doing anything. I remember he would make multiple threads about how he gets 9/10 chicks and makes all this money and is so awesome. I in fact know 2 women from the Philippines and asked them both and they claimed they didn't want black men and even claimed to want half white babies.

A lot of black women seem quite angry, have major attitude problems and expect to be treated like a damn queen even if they act like a bitch 24. I found it a bit hard to believe that if that was all true he would bother coming on here and trying to convince everyone of it. Predominately it's black men going for white women though. I never meant to infer that no black men are with Asian women. The Philippines seems to be a culture where they worship whites. I would rather an Asian woman like me where it isn't indoctrinated in them.

Society shames you for a whole bunch of things, but society is f***ed up so why does it matter? And let every negative reaction, every nasty article you hear or read, strengthen you in your belief that you have made the right choice.

Probably stupid articles would claim white men that like black women are closet homosexuals or something and see them as a fetish with slavery or some crap. I found it a bit hard to believe that if that was all true he would bother coming on here and trying to convince everyone of it. sigh You can never win this argument, so why even ponder this ridiculous bullshit? If you go for an asian woman you're a pedo, or cannot get a white woman. I've read girls on the internet who call a guy who says "black women aren't my type" Plenty of wealthy black men go for Asian women, such as Terrence Howard and Wesley Snipes.you see that in India, most of the celebrities are also the lighter skinned Indians belonging to higher castes, who have more European or Iranian admixture.They, unlike Filipinas, would not soon go for a white man as India has a caste system. You should look at the average Filipino man, and you will find that he is very short and not awfully attractive. If you are a young, handsome white man and you go to the Philippines, you will be infinitely more desirable to a lot of women then the local men.So their men go not only to white women, but to Mexican women, Latina, Asian, you name it. I remember I was the very first to expose Paloaltoguy but only a few caught on and I actually left because of his trolling and everyone seemed to believe him.Good to see that people all caught on eventually and got rid of him.

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