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Both of his parents had significant French ancestry, his father being of Huguenot descent and his mother of French-Canadian descent.

During the first year of Power’s life, he lived in Cincinnati.

He received his biggest accolades as a stage actor in John Brown's Body and Mister Roberts.

A couple of years later the family moved back to Cincinnati, where they lived with the family of Patia's aunt, Helen Schuster Martin, founder of the well known Schuster-Martin School of Drama.

Power's mother supported her family as a drama and voice coach at the Schuster-Martin School, and in her spare time, she coached him for several years in voice and dramatics.

He went door to door, trying to get work as an actor, and, while many contacts knew his father well, they offered praise for his father but no work for him.

He appeared in a bit part in 1932 in Tom Brown of Culver, a movie starring actor Tom Brown.

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