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Sandy Bell is an artist that I just have been introduced to and she is so, I keep describing her as a David Lynch movie.

She’s a friend of mine and she’s gonna open up for me in North Carolina.

mxdwn: You’re a little less than a month into the tour and have about a month left. I’m trying out this video sort of movie that runs throughout my set to get a visual.

I’ve been thrilled because the audiences are loving it and they’re just super into it.

Yamagata is often recognized for her soulful and emotional music.

Her latest album was released in September of 2016 and was funded via Pledge Music.

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mxdwn: After this tour are you planning on working on new music? The last record , I really just wanted to do a stripped down record of vocal and piano or guitar, and it became this giant epic production and I had so much fun with the production side of it.

mxdwn: How do you think your background in theater has impacted both your music and your live presence?

RY: I think it’s given me the experience of being on stage.

mxdwn: This tour features pretty small venues, what was the process like of picking these venues and how do you think they impact your performance?

RY: It was very intentional to go for that special, unique experience and I think when venues get too big you lose that just because of physical proximity.

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There’s just a great exchange of energy between myself and the audience.

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