What to know about consolidating student loans

With a Fixed Interest Rate, you can easily plan about saving money and to know more about How to Save Money please check this link.Federal Direct Loans provide you access to income-driven repayment plans, which can help you in lowering your monthly payments and offer some powerful student loan forgiveness options.In Income-driven repayment plan, you will start off making lower monthly payments, which will increase gradually over a period of time.Default is a major concern for the borrowers who are unable to make their monthly payments as the repercussions of the same are extremely harmful.Different loan consolidations come up with different terms and conditions, some loans may be on fixed interest rate while some might be on a variable.So, consolidating all of the loans into one single loan will help in minimizing your monthly payment.

So, if you have already used all of your deferment /forbearance time, then consolidating your student loan will reset the clock and provide you with the option of placing your new consolidation loan into deferment /forbearance.If any of the student loans that you are consolidating have an outstanding interest then that interest will become a part of your new consolidation loan.This means that you will be paying interest on a higher principal than your original loan amount.And also, as consolidation gives you a longer term for repayment it makes it easier for your pocket to bear the repayment amount.But before consolidation, you need to make sure that you discuss the same with the lender in depth as you don’t want to end up paying a higher amount than the already existing one.

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So, this article not only offers you an insight of the pros and cons but also guides you with all of the various aspects that you need to take care of before you apply for Student Loan Consolidation.

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