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It seems ridiculous, because the very pillar of a relationship is that you’re not sleeping with anyone else! Relationship: 14 signs to know your real status] What exactly is a relationship defined by? Most say a relationship is when two people meet, want to spend time together, don’t want to see other people, sex usually becomes involved, and they’re seeing how it goes.If you’re only with that person and you have no interest in seeing someone else, surely you’re actually in a relationship of sorts already? But, it all comes down to what a person views as a relationship as, whether they have any underlying fears related to the R word, and what they want in the future. There doesn’t necessarily have to be a solid ‘look to the future’ view.[Read: How to tell a special someone you’re in love with them] A confusing subject The whole thing is a contradiction. [Read: Why casual dating is the best thing ever] By the time the exclusivity comes around, e.g.

[Read: 19 signs you’re in an exclusive relationship even if you don’t realize it] Wait, it gets even more confusing!Of course, it could be that you’re both entirely happy with not having the relationship label on your union. The problem comes when one person wishes for more, and not getting it out of fear of rocking the boat.Rock the boat if you want to move past this problem. If you’re dating exclusively, that is already one commitment made.Then, say something like, “I mean, neither of us are seeing anyone else, so that kinda makes us a ‘thing’ right?” By using these casual terms, you open the doors for a firm conversation.

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