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The two of them now stared at each other once more. Instead, he kissed her even more passionately than before. He was still wearing his underwear that he had put back on immediately after the camera fell. Now the same pattern continued and again the tingling continued.

Again, there were no words for quite a few seconds. She pulled him close and was frustrated that she could not bring him even closer. But the underwear could not hide the fact that his cock was fully erect at this point. He started to move his hips rhythmically against the inside of her thigh. She instantly pushed the waistband of his underwear with her thumb underneath and started to force them down over his ass. She released her grip from his buttocks and reached down by her waist grabbing the bottom of her camisole.

He grabbed it between his thumb and index finger and pinched with enough force to make it even harder. Immediately her son's mouth enveloped her breasts and began sucking just as he had done 18 years earlier. She grabbed the waistband the best she could and started to pull down a little bit more. He understood what she was trying to do and as unfortunate as it was for both of them for a brief second, they broke their embrace.

Only now the feeling throughout her body was so much more pleasurable. It was only long enough for him to sit up and completely pull his underwear off.

She did not want to give him any time to feel worse than he probably already did. She was going to knock, but then thought better of it. Steve was in bed and the blankets were over his head. This was what he did whenever he got in trouble as a child.

She tried to turn the knob slightly to see if it was locked. He would run to his room and hide under the covers.

It seemed like she was typing forever and yet it was only a few characters that came on the screen, "sure,bb". She slowed down again and inserted two fingers deep inside her cunt.

You're a beautiful woman and you're doing what you need to do to try to make life better for us." She thought to herself how wonderful this man was. But that statement right there made her realize how grown-up he was. She kept her hand on his and used her other hand to lift his chin up. All this sexual activity for the camera, but it had been years since she had actually touched a man. She moved both of her arms around him and pulled him closer. His tongue found her mouth as she was exploring his. She wanted him to hold her close to his naked body. Chapter 11 Steve continued kissing his mother deeply. It had combined with the physical arousal to excite him more than he had ever been in his life. Her nipples were now the size of the tip of her little finger. She moved her hands down his back and began to caress his ass with his underwear.

He obviously remembered how tight money had been several years ago and the struggles. They intertwined and this was one of the most arousing kisses she had ever had. He turned his body and with slight force pushed her down to the middle of his bed. When she was laying flat on his bed, she opened her eyes as he pulled his lips away from hers. He couldn't believe that what he had casually thought of throughout his adolescence was actually taking place. She had always had large nipples and was embarrassed. Seconds later her son was pinching her erect nipples in such a fashion that the tingle throughout her body removed any reluctance she still had. All the while, her son continued to caress her left breast until finally he switched to the other.

He had seen it many times before and figured it was for the TV. Her hand instantly found her pussy and she started to stroke once again. He particularly appreciated it now as the two of them rapidly stroked between their legs at the same pace.

Instead, it was for the web cam and she suddenly zoomed the lens closer to her as she got comfortable on the bed further from the computer. And, once again it was at the same pace as he continued to stroke his cock. The two of them continued to rhythmically stroke their own genitals.

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Within seconds, she lifted her ass off the bed and within seconds her panties were gone. He had his right foot up on the desktop as he continued to stroke his cock while he used his left hand to caress his scrotum.

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