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If unchecked, a user can access a system through a Jumpoint only by entering the system's hostname or IP address.Either way, the user must provide valid credentials to the remote system before gaining access.This provides redundancy, preventing the failure of all Jump Items associated with the failure of a single, standalone Jumpoint, and improves load balancing across the system.All configuration of clustered Jumpoints is done in /login, with no local configuration available on the local host either during or after the install.

, none of the nodes are visible, only the clustered Jumpoint under which they are installed. When a user needs to use the Jumpoint, one of the nodes is selected randomly.

Setup of a Jumpoint on a remote network is a multi-step process that includes configuration on the /login interface, downloading the installer, and running the installation wizard.

Before configuring a Jumpoint, it is important to understand the difference between clustered Jumpoints and standalone Jumpoints because they have different feature sets and because a clustered Jumpoint cannot be converted to standalone, nor a standalone Jumpoint converted to clustered.

If you need to change the Jumpoint's host system, click Redeploy.

The Jumpoint uninstalls from its current location, and the download links become available. The new Jumpoint replaces the old one for any existing Jump shortcuts that are associated with it.

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