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The npm package hasn't been updated for over a year [email protected] Also interested to know the future of the project.I would not see as a problem at all if the project is discontinued.The Java Script frontend landscape is an open field where not all ideas fully realizes the initial expectation.It is therefore perfectly safe to repeatedly call any of the functions below and the state will be updated exactly once or not at all if nothing changed.

The FWIW this is what we do: https://github.com/skatejs/skatejs/blob/caff8576081471a79f3cbadc2c10cf10f5d470cd/src/api/vdom.js#L67.This is WAI for the INPUT, but probably not what we want for the i DOM patch().Incremental DOM compilation configure the library to do this by default, but I'd have to look into it a bit.); // wrap Reducer With Form State Update calls the update function // after the given reducer; you can wrap this reducer again // if you have multiple forms in your state export const reducer = wrap Reducer With Form State Update( raw Reducer, // point to the form state to update s = Below you will find a complete list of all update functions provided by ngrx-forms.Each section also shows how to use actions directly instead of the update functions (the examples directly call the update function takes a value and returns a projection function that sets the value of a form state.

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@sparhami - thanks for all your efforts to date - any comment on the future of this project?

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