Updating a hashmap

This can reduce worst case performance of Hash Map up to O(n).

Algorithms are adaptations of those in Cormen, Leiserson, and Rivest's Introduction to Algorithms.

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You also have a special map called Weak Hash Map for creating a Garbage Collector friendly Cache, where values become eligible for garbage collection as soon as there is no other reference to them apart from keys in Identity Hash Map for creating a Map which uses identity instead of equality for comparing keys since identity equality is rare, you get less number of collisions on this Map and finally, JDK 5 introduced Concurrent Hash Map for better scalability in a multi-threaded environment, where the number of reader threads clearly outnumbers a number of writer threads.

interface and follows general contract of a Map interface, defined in terms of equals() and hash Code() method, they also have several differences in terms of Ordering, Sorting, permitting null elements, Iteration, Performance, Speed and internal implementation.

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Let's have a quick look on each of these properties.

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