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This field is a string value that presents the telephone number in a format typical for the agency's service area.

It can and should contain punctuation marks to group the digits of the number.

A block consists of a single trip or many sequential trips made with the same vehicle.

The trips are grouped into a block by the use of a shared service day and Specifies the arrival time at a specific stop for a specific trip on a route.

The following topics are covered in this document: Defines service dates when service is available for particular routes. This file specifies start and end dates of service, as well as the days of the week when service is available.This field also allows the transit agency to indicate that riders must call the agency or notify the driver to arrange a pickup at a particular stop.The following are valid values for this field: Indicates whether riders are dropped off at a stop as part of the normal schedule or whether a dropoff at the stop is unavailable.Use this field to distinguish between different patterns of service on the same route.If the headsign changes during a trip, you can override the Contains the public-facing text that's shown to riders to identify the trip, such as the train numbers for commuter rail trips.

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This file is required unless all of the dates of service are defined in Identifies a transit brand, which is often the same as a transit agency.

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