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Such show topics included the eating of a space alien, a robotic paper-boy and ...

See full summary » "American High School," a romantic comedy, is centered on two people who marry young and contend with the consequences of "bad" actions.

What was once a carefree adventure becomes a deadly fight for survival. So I watched it with a clean slate and no expectations.

However, I was bored senseless throughout the movie and there weren't really that many laughs.

That all changes when the best friend Too Cool (Wesley Jonathan) invites them to try out a round of speed dating.

In this horror anthology film, three girls pledge the most popular - and cruelest - sorority on campus.

For a comedy movie it failed to pack any good punchlines, failed to crack laughs, and failed to be interesting.

The story is fairly straight forward though, as you have a group of young people setting up 'speed-dating' events at their club, in order to meet and hook up with women.

Sure, sounds plausible enough, but it came off as a weak result.

Best friends Dog (Chico Benymon) and Beaver (Leonard Robinson) have difficulty ever meeting women.

No matter what they do, nothing ever goes right for them.

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