Speed dating concept for business

Sounds obvious, but it’s worth reminding yourself of this when it’s time to write your next job description.

Create a compelling job description with clear directions on how to apply.

We quickly sort them by "yes", "no", and "maybe," and reject anyone who doesn't follow directions (e.g.

if they don’t include salary expectations—which we also always ask for—or if they skipped the cover letter).4.

OPEN Cardmember Jason Mark is an educator, business owner, and author.With speed-dating, you stop talking about what it would be like and experience a date, of sorts.With speed-hiring, you stop analyzing data to try to forecast what it might be like. Taking a cue from “speed dating,” in which several potential “matches” review one another over the course of one evening, “speed hiring” lets you minimize the effort it takes to determine if there is a fit by actually working with your best prospects before you hire them.Since 2009, our company Gravity Switch has relied exclusively on speed hiring to find new employees.

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As a point of reference, we usually get about 80-120 applicants and meet with 20-35 people in the course of two to three days.

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