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Class schedules can be exciting and posting it to Facebook is a quick way to find out if you have class with anyone you know, but be sure to leave out any information about where you’ll be at a given time.

Student/Faculty Relationships College grades, just like high school grades, should be based upon the work you’ve produced and the effort you put forward in class or on an assignment.

The Arts Conservatory of Central Pennsylvania is currently enrolling new students for the 2009-2010 session.

has taught us anything, it’s that when strangers cohabitate, things get a little interesting.Never post your address or phone number on your profile.Some universities publish directories with everyone’s contact information online, so check with your school that your personal information is not available to the public without your permission.College is no longer a place where young love emerges.It’s also where senior citizens can find a relationship too thanks to a UW-La Crosse Sociology of Generations & Age class.

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As you meet your first roommate, register for classes and move away from home, here are some changes in relationships to keep in mind to have an awesome first year away at college.

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