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Now, with Steffy and Bill’s truth out in the open, Liam goes to his father angrily to confront him after leaving a weeping Steffy at the front door of their beautiful cliff home.

Liam’s going to take action against his father for the betrayal, and it looks like they even get pretty physical!

It has won 31 Daytime Emmy Awards over the course of its run.

Matula played the role of Hope Logan which has notably been portrayed by actresses such as Amanda Pace, but after the rapid aging of the character, she was recast with Matual as the first in line.

Kim is of Norwegian descent and she grew up in Fort Worth, where at a young age, she discovered her passion for acting, and aspired to be an actress in the future, even recording home videos of her playing various roles.

In a shocking revelation, after Steffy got a paternity test done, Liam finds out that his wife had slept with his father when they had a huge fight.For all you fans hoping for a fist-fight between this father-son duo, you’re going to see some pretty satisfying revenge in the upcoming episodes!All the while, Steffy turns to Katie for comfort and advice.He even goes out of his way to tell her he’s starting to hate her!Liam decides to walk out of Steffy’s life, even after she comes begging back with remorse. what a scene today @jacquelinemwood_1 and @cliftoncam killed it ????

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