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"I was always worrying that my make up was sliding off and would frequently have to check it was still in place no matter where we were.

"But, inevitably, after stopping the antibiotics and a few months into our new relationship I had another flare up.

"At the time I was at university studying in Southern Spain and so I thought it was just sun burn as I’d been out and about in the sun the previous day. First it was the soreness and the dryness, then the redness and then came the bumpiness and the intense itching, usually in that cycle.

"It started just in my cheeks but within months it had spread over most of my face and down my neck." Thinking it was acne Emma tried over-the-counter bacterial washes, acne creams and scrubs, but nothing worked.

That's when she came across Kalme cream, which claims to reduce the sensitivity and redness of skin by up to 70 per cent.

"I woke up one day and my face was a bit red and felt sore and my cheeks felt dry and tight.The IT consultant had tried everything to clear her rosacea but it wasn't until she discovered a £19.95 cream made from capers that her skin condition was "cured".Emma, 29, was originally diagnosed with adult acne but after nothing worked to clear it a dermatologist diagnosed her with rosacea.She suffered for eight years and had all but given up on getting rid of it before she discovered Kalme cream, which uses plant extracts from capers that claims to have anti-inflammatory properties."My rosacea started very suddenly when I was 20, before that I had near perfect skin," Emma said.

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