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CIHM Microfiche Series (IMonographs) ICIMH Collection de microfiches (monographies) Canadian Instituta for Historical Microraproductions / Institut Canadian da microraproductions historiquas Tachnical and Bibliographic Notas/Notas tachniquas at bibliographiquaa Tha Instituta has attamptad to obtain tha bast original copy availabia for filming. Secondly, emollient cleansing and antiseptic washes are needed to remove the foul secretions, to keep the oral cavity clean, and to soothe the irritation. II Stomatjtjs of soda to the ounce, 8hould be used. Chlorate of potash lotions are less service- able in simple than m the severely septic foms of s omatrtia A wash containing salicylil acid part dissolved m 5 parts of alcohol, and added to 250 parts o water, has the advantage of ^thig ^^ an antiseptic and an anesthetic, or boric fcidlr tion may be used. It is found on the dorsal surface of the tongue, on the inside of the lips and cheeks, and especially on the folds connecting the gums with the lips and cheeks ; it extends also to other parts of the buccal membrane, and into the pharynx, whence it descends into the (esophagus.Faaturas of this copy which may ba bibliographically uniqua, which may altar any of tha imagas in tha raproduction, or which may significantly changa tha usual mathod of filming, ara ehackad balow. The carbonates of the alkalies exert a solvent action on m^T^^Z serve to detach and wash away the foul Myu^t Z ecret,uns covering the inflamed mucous men Tranr If the mouth ,8 very tender, this may be done wi SJ a u f Sl Chio™™'^f"""t f"*? Preparations of eucalyp L «; hydrastis may be added to borax washes."^^ A^ Z astringent lotion a solution of alum (5 gra Tns to the ounce) 18 sometimes useful. "''.°^ '"^^^ ric acid in saturated solution, borax washes, chlorine water, chlor- mated soda solution, carl)olic acid lotion (3 to 5 per cent.)— this has the advantage of being aniesthetic— the application by means of a camel-haii br -sh of dry alum, borax, or bismuth. It has been found in the stomach and the csecum (where the secretions are acid), and in cachectic states it is not unusual to find it round the anus and genital organs.

Co- existent gastric catarrh may require the administration of bismuth and alkalies. It commences with dusky redness, heat, dryness and tenderness of the mucous membrane, accompanied by an acid reaction of tlie buccal secretions ; this is followed by the appearance of circular milk-white slightly pi-ominent spots, which run together into irregular flakes or patches, covered with a peculiar white curd-like secretion. In the fomt which accompanies dentition in infancy there is often much constitutional distress, ar onvulsions are sometimes induced. The sense of taste is blunted and |)erverted so that the patient complains especially of a *' bad " taste, or a slimy, clammy, sometimes bitter taste, and a "foul" smell.— Diseases of the Intestines: Tbbathbnt OF Intestinal Obstbuction . — Diseases of the Intestines: Tbeatment OF Intestinal Pabasites XIV. — Treatment c Chbonic Affections of the Cabdiac Valves .... Alkalin* Emo Uiettt and Antiieptie Mouth Wtuh ^ Glycerini acidi carbolici semi unciam (iss). But some regard the acidity of the buccal secre- tion to be rather a result than a cause of the growth. IJ Parasitic Stomatitis The indications for treatment in this affection are apart from those dependent on any co-existing cachexia, to remove the parasitic growth from the mucous membrane, and by restoring a healthy con- dition of the oral secretion to prevent its re-develop- ment. In obstinate cases the patches (after wiping) may be touched with a solution of argentic nitrate (1 to 2 per cent.), or cupric sulphate (2 grains to the ounce), or carbolic acid (2 grains to the ounce).— Diseases of the Intestines: Tbeatment OF Pebitonitis faob 21G 236 260 280 305 327 PART 11 DISEASES OF THE HEART AND BLOOD- VESSELS, AND OF THE BLOOD AND DUCTLESS GLANDS I. 362 III.— Management of Special Symptoms de- pendent on Chronic Valvttlab Disease 383 IV. As a preventive measure it is desirable to wash out the mouths of weakly infants after suckling, and especially after using the bottle, with a piece of WHt hnt or a camel-hair brush soaked in water. Solutions of sulphurous acid (I in 6) and of salicylic acid (1 in ■2o0), and even of glycerine alone, have been found useful.

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— Diseases of the Intestines: OF Habitual Constipation Tbeatment X, — Diseases of the Intestines: Treatment OF Di AHBHCEA, INTESTINAL Ca TABBH, ACUTE AND CHBONIO XI. The diet should be bland but nutritious, and Stl -lulants are fi-ecly needed in bad cases. It appears to be often conveyed from child to child by bottle-feeding. Honey is to be avoided (as' in mel boracu,), since it may aggravate acid fermentation.

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