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It changes only since ~10 years, but excluding Warsaw and maybe 2-3 other major urban areas, black people are still a sight.If you are going to visit a smaller town or rural area, be prepared for lots of curious stares.I think IR dating in Poland is even split Polish male/Polish female.Unlike in other nations where certain genders of certain races "gravitate towwards each other" and it creates awkwardness.More pertinently for you, there are black Poland born Poles who speak Polish, have one Polish parent but who aren't accepted as Polish at all due to a parent being from elsewhere.I know one girl who suffers discrimination for exactly this reason, and gets told often to go back to where she came from. Point being, with this as the relevant background, yes, interracial dating is a huge taboo in Poland.It's more due to the fact that people with ginger hair are actually scientifically proven to be more prone to mischief than others, here's a lecture of Dr Peterson talking about this topic more in-depth:https://

When I ask him (guy I'm dating), about all of this he says it won't be a problem with his family but since he hasn't ever brought a black girl home before, I am not so confident that it wouldn't.

Problem is, this entails similar issues for you being inevitable.

Also, there's a widespread belief here that to be Polish you have to be be white and be catholic and have generations of history in Poland etc this results in lots of talk about 'blood' and is usually invoked to argue the fact that Jewish Poles are not really Polish.

It's not that visible in Warsaw/Krakow when you are here for just two nights doing quick city tour. Smaller towns you're more likely to get unwelcome stares for being black, but remember this is just as likely to be from friendly curiosity than irritation at your presence in their beautiful culturally homogeneous white neighbourhood.

You can check any expat community and see what kind of issues you could get if you live here longer term. Thing about Poland is it's often accused of being a racist country, but this is isn't quite right: it's more correct to say it's massively xenophobic, and this is a result of the fact until very recently Poland has been exclusively white Catholic and very conservative.

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Expats who come to Poland are usually highly-qualified and thought of as financially well off. The thought of raising bilingual children can be attractive to some women.

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