Pittsburgh dating scene

Although the site's tagline has long featured ages 50 , there are younger members, depending on your location.

Lots of customer service complaints related to billing.

wine tasting = females--so use this to your advantage.

Dating Gurus: OKCupid is like the coolest, smartest, and funniest person at the cocktail party.

Dating Gurus: Social networking at its core, as in...actually meeting other people in person to socialize and network.

Endless opportunities to meet other singles in settings that don't necessarily scream, "Look at me! " Meetups offer photos of members, and indicate who may be attending.

Dating Gurus: This "Tinder-lite" dating app only offers 1 match per day, so add to your arsenal without making it your primary dating app. Dating Gurus: This niche site attracts people who are more interested in traditional values than in finding a hottie. The app says, "Finally a boyfriend your family can believe in!

Attracts a younger crowd than JDate, has good looking members, and like Tinder, is strictly an app, rather than a website.

Warning: Non-Jews are not verboten here, so don't come kvetching to us if you are approached.

While Meetup isn't a dating app per se, it is used to bring together people with similar interests — including singles.

Users can join or create real-world adventures and activities for singles or couples.

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The people behind The Dating Gurus are couple Sharon Kroll and Lee Wallender of Seattle, Wash., who met after spending years plowing through online dating sites and apps with limited success. Kroll has worked as a social worker, enabling them to combine his creative and her clinical skills to help people navigate the online dating scene.

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