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Then she moved and went to live with her father at Nashville, Tennessee at the age of 14.

Now she lives primarily in Chicago, Illinois with her longtime partner, Stedman Graham.

Later, Stedman would work in various fields from public relations to teaching and non-profits, eventually becoming the president and chief executive officer of his own sports marketing company.

To date, the now 66-year-old CEO—and father of an adult daughter, Wendy—has published 12 self-help, motivational, and business books.

#Identity Leadership Book #Identity Leadership A post shared by Stedman Graham (@stedmangraham) on When I was growing up, I was always looking for equality. But she's also good at taking the bad stuff and bringing the good stuff forward. Then I have my newspapers—I get about seven newspapers a day so I go through those, because I’m always looking for ideas and innovation. When you're around a reader like Oprah who's very successful, you think "I need to read more!

I felt like I was a second class citizen because of my race. And I travel a lot for work, so when I'm in the airport on a typical day, I'll pick up magazines that are relevant to my business and what I love and I care about. " So whether I'm working or traveling or I have a day off, I'm always reading, because I like to stay informed. And sometimes, you have to go to the pit to get it.

Hollywood couples often find that their relationships are an open book for prying fans.So you have to create a road map so that when you reach the destination of success, you're ready. There are several characteristics that make a good leader. 1986 - Present Oprah and Stedman have been together since 1986, and they were engaged in 1992, but they never followed through with the ceremony.After playing basketball in college and professionally overseas (he is 6'6", after all!) the Whitesboro, New Jersey native got his Master's degree before working with and traveling the world with Robert Brown, who was the special assistant to President Nixon.

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