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To see the return types, which are also known as output types, that this cmdlet accepts, see Cmdlet Input and Output Types ( If the Output Type field is blank, the cmdlet doesn't return data.In on-premises versions of Exchange, you could update address lists manually, as well as modifying the schedule through which they were updated.So a typical address book update might look like this: So the process can easily take up to 24 hours before the new users are visible in the address book.The best you can do with Office 365, is to wait until the next day after 5am, and then either restart outlook or force the OAB download using the below method.By default, a new installation of Exchange creates an OAB named Default Offline Address Book on the server.This OAB is also the default OAB, which means it's the OAB that's used by mailboxes and mailbox databases that don't have an OAB assigned to them.You can use this switch to view the changes that would occur without actually applying those changes.

OABs are used for address book queries by Outlook clients that are configured in cached Exchange mode.You can use this switch to run tasks programmatically where prompting for administrative input is inappropriate.You don't need to specify a value with this switch.OABs in Exchange 2013 and later are improved over OABs in Exchange 2010.These changes were introduced in Exchange 2013: For OAB procedures, see Procedures for offline address books in Exchange Server.

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