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Sophie Olejnik,14, June 2, 1963 departed her home at 49 N.11th Avenue, Manville, Somerset County to attend an afternoon dance at the Polish Falcons Camp..Denise was supposed to be home at p.m.; however, she never returned home.Witnesses reported seeing Denise walking on Old Hook Road in Emerson, towards Westwood, at approximately p.m, that evening.On Tuesday, January 24, 1967, at approximately 9 p.m., Mary Ann Della Sala, age 17, of 150 Hobart Street in Hackensack, NJ, finished her shift at the Shop Rite located on 330 Essex Street, in Hackensack. Robert Zarinsky charged in 2008 based on DNA evidence but died on eve of trial.Mary Ann was reportedly offered a ride by a female co-worker, but declined because it was a nice night. The co-worker did drive another employee home to Wood-Ridge. Forensic characteristics: Disappeared from home on a Monday. Linda Balabanow, 17 March 26 1969 Roselle, Monmouth County/Woodbridge Township, Middlesex County, NJ.

While Bundy's accounts of his earliest crimes varied considerably between interviews, he told forensic psychologist Art Norman that his first murder victims were two women "in the Philadelphia area." Forensic characteristics: abducted near home - found by side of the road near cemetery - nude from waist up - bra loose around neck - beaten - bruises on chin and face - black eye - strangled with chain of crucifix according to police - sexually assaulted - bloody palm print on thigh - Monday evening murder On Monday, July 14, 1969, at approximately p.m., Denise Falasca, age 15, left her residence on 32 Bergenline Avenue in Closter, New Jersey, to go to her friend's house in Westwood, NJ.Victim was found in Passaic River near Ryerson Way, Hawthorne, N. She was wearing a brown blouse and a skirt with polka dots, along with a brown suede coat with a fur collar, when she went missing. Dozens of people took polygraph tests but no suspect was identified. Police treated Balabanow as a run-away, despite her leaving her money and cosmetics at home. She was also wearing a silver crucifix hanging around her neck and a “Belle Chasse High School 1965" class ring on her right hand.She and her husband were looking at new apartments with her husband and had returned home to 400 Westminster Place in Lodi, NJ. She was reported missing by her husband on April 25 and he believed she took several items of clothing, but left behind most personal belongings, including her jewelry. Freeman was a former Passaic Valley High School cheerleader had no known enemies, no habits or relationships that might have motivated the savage beating and slashing on a Saturday afternoon in 1968. April 27, 1969 found in Woodbridge Township, in Raritan River near Hess Oil dock. Found April 8, 1969 facedown in 4 feet of water in Saddle River near I-80 behind Sani-Pure Laboratories in Saddle Brook.Her light blue jacket with initials, blue print dress and underwear were found in a pile near her.The handbags of both girls were found nearby, Davis's purse with and change. a dark colored Mustang parked near where the blue convertible was found.

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Denise was wearing blue bell-bottom jeans, a dark-colored shirt and carrying a brown leather-type drawstring purse.

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