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I am using what the father refers to me as.)Please try to be kind. I have read the sidebar thoroughly, and hope I am not breaking any rules by posting this. Yes, I know I will never be accepted by others in Judaism.I have met nothing but verbal and emotional trampling from the father since telling him the news. I expect you would be disappointed by the encounter.But the fact of the matter is that Jewish men, in general, defy those stereotypes, and are far more complex.(OK, so we do have overbearing Jewish mothers, but they don’t call nagging us about grand-kids and asking if we’re wearing a sweater—well, maybe around Chanukah.) Amidst all the pain and strife of our world today shines the beauty of multiculturalism, and being to date people of different cultures is a wonderful experience indeed. I am DEEPLY consumed with the shame of being a shiksa, and am terrified to even call to make an appointment. I wish to speak to someone unbiased who I can actually learn from without involving their own issues. There is no shame at all in not being Jewish and a rabbi is not a confessor and cannot forgive your actions (nor those of the father).

My husband doesn’t necessarily care that I am not Jewish but many men are different.It sounds like legal and psychotherapeutic counsel might be more appropriate at this time. I’m not looking for emotional support or a “feel-good” answer. I just want to learn (I was learning consistently for a good while from the father before I became pregnant and we both enjoyed it).He is just unable to speak straightforwardly without his emotions taking control.ou have heard all the stereotypes – Jewish men have overbearing mothers.Jewish men have a strong pull towards tradition and their heritage and Jewish men are nervous, Woody Allen-types on dates.

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For example: “I’d rather kill myself than my family find out”.

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