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(The cost per mile goes down to about .7 million when factoring in the total project of about 150 miles.) So Johnson appears largely correct about the cost of the wall. Great idea." Experts we reached out to agree that illegal immigration along Egypt’s southern border has indeed significantly dropped in the years after the fence was built and that Johnson's assessment of its costs and timeframe are sound.How about its success in keeping people trying to cross the border illegally out? This month, Johnson, who chairs the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, released a report titled "Securing Israel: Lessons learned from a nation under constant threat of attack." The report came after a trip Johnson made to Israel where he met the Israeli prime minister and other security officials. However, they warn against generalizing that the fence is the sole reason for the drop and raise objections in comparing Israel’s border issues to those in the United States."Personal interviews and close inspection of migrant diaspora news outlets show that the combination of the fence and the immigration policies are to be attributed to these numbers, and not the fence alone." Our ruling Johnson said Israel cut its illegal immigration rate by "99 percent" by constructing a 143-mile fence along its southern border.Israeli government data support Johnson’s statement. However, experts say the fence alone is not responsible for the dramatic decrease in illegal immigration, policies have also deterred illegal border crossings. S.-Mexico border, we were curious about references to Israel’s border efforts and their success, as described by Johnson. Israel-Egypt border fence Israel has built multiple barriers along its borders with Egypt, Lebanon, Gaza Strip and West Bank, all as safeguards against terrorism and illegal immigration.

Fence construction started in November 2010 and came with a price tag of 1.6 billion Israeli shekels, the in January 2013 pegged the fence’s cost at 6 million.) To determine a .9 million cost per mile, Johnson divided 5 million into the 143 completed miles cited in the 2013 article.If illegal entries surge at another border point, then the effectiveness of the fence at one border comes into question, Vallet said."While the numbers show a dramatic decrease in the number of entries, the amount of credit attributed to the fence is an issue of serious debate in Israel," said Yonatan Jakubowicz, director of research and public relations at the Israeli Immigration Policy Center, an NGO in Israel.Experts then told us that even though there had been a drop in terrorism, the data used for Walker’s analysis was outdated and the fence was only one reason for the decline.Johnson was specifically talking about a fence along the Israeli-Egyptian border.

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Look to Israel, President Donald Trump has repeatedly said. In two years, they constructed 143-mile fence, about $2.9 million per mile, and it cut that illegal immigration rate from about 16,000 to I think 18. The United States needs to pay attention to Israel and how it has handled security issues, Johnson said. Scott Walker, when he said that a 500-mile fence between Israel and the West Bank was to thank for a 90 percent reduction in terrorist attacks in Israel.

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