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“This was achieved with a neutral base — white fabrics, glass and metallics — layered with surprising colors like chartreuse on satin throw pillows and a bright red tufted ottoman in the dining area.

This is what she calls her ‘big girl apartment.’ ” It’s a marked changed for Mc Cain, who grew up sharing a Laura Ashley pink-and-purple floral room with her sister Bridget in a spacious Phoenix adobe home with Spanish fountains, terra cotta floors and Southwestern textiles. “Anything that is the complete opposite of the home I grew up in.”While earning a BA in art history at Columbia University in New York City, Mc Cain grew accustomed to life in smaller apartments with Ikea furniture. I have a balcony with a view of the Capitol Records building and the Hollywood Hills.”Stunning photos, celebrity homes: Get the free weekly Hot Property newsletter These days, Mc Cain is experiencing a particularly Hollywood rite of passage: Her TV show was canceled in December, and she’s considering her next act, which she hopes will include more television.

The beef was so bad that the show had to cut to a commercial.

The beef started as soon as Joy brought up the good things he did and compared them to the current president’s policies.

I love a rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic, and I want my place to be where the after-after-party can happen.” A glance around the apartment confirms her nontraditional tastes: A mounted deer head she named George Jones hangs on a wall next to the refrigerator, a glass skull adorns a living room side table and a pair of gleaming glass-and-metal étagères hold these books: “Chicks With Guns,” “Universal Studios Monsters” and Dita Von Teese’s two-in-one monograph on the art of burlesque and fetish.

Thank you for always taking on the world beside me – Bonnie and Clyde forever.

She is also an author and freelance blogger who is currently working as a newscaster for the 1 year married tomorrow baby, I can’t believe it’s been a year. In the words of the late poet Johnny Cash – we fell into a burning ring of fire.

My great love, my best friend, my true partner, my shelter from the storm.

Beyond it, the living room is created by a U-shaped seating arrangement of a contemporary black leather couch, a sofa loosely draped in tufted white fabric and a pair of brass-and-velvet armchairs on a shaggy gray rug topped with two Phillips Collection River Stone cocktail tables in a gold finish. She is not someone for whom understated works,” says her high school friend and interior decorator, Claire Wire.

The Atlanta-based designer undertook this project a year ago, when the Arizona-born-and-raised Mc Cain moved from New York to Los Angeles to co-host “Take Part Live” on Pivot, the TV network launched by Participant Media.

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