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A decade ago, he helped Ray Velcoro find his wife's rapist and, apparently, dispose of the body. A detective in the Ventura County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigation Division, seemingly devoid of any emotion other than anger. A California Highway Patrolman who, in the first episode, gets suspended with pay after pulling over a woman who offers a sexual favor in lieu of a ticket. "This is my least-favorite life," the singer sings. He's securing funds in partnership with Ben Caspere, the Vinci, California city planner. He changes his mind, turns the light back on, and pulls off to a rest area on the side of the road, shuts off the engine. He has an office at the Vinci Gardens Casino, where the investor-focused fundraiser takes place. It's an interesting -like way to tell a story, but it's also confusing. 's first season, at least from the camera's perspective. Is there anything else the attorney should know, she asks? This is when Frank finds out that Ben Caspere, the city planner, hasn't been to work in two days. Here's the very first impression we get, without a word: A large bowl of what look likes milk sits in the middle of a glass coffee table. " The place is a mess, in the way that movies and TV shows tell you bad guys have been here looking for something. The only obvious thing we know is missing from the house is his computer, which Dixon points out. "This man in the 90s," the Russian says about Frank to no one in particular, smiling. Once again, Jordan steps in to play diplomat and ease the tension. Back at the party, Frank, alone, pitches the group on the billion high-speed rail project that would begin construction next year. To combat the confusion, we'll break "The Western Book of the Dead" into sections divided by characters. Ray tries to cheer him up by asking if he likes his new shoes. He tells his son to keep his head up and be strong. Ray sits at the end of a table, wearing a bolo tie, sporting a most of a tough guy's handlebar mustache. The meeting brings the painfully obvious into question: Are we sure that Chad is Ray's son, biologically speaking? Chad is his son, and that's all there is to it, as far as he's concerned. Ray's ex-wife was beaten and raped nine months before Chad was born. "No," Ray says, "I welcome judgment." That leads into the episode's only flashback, a scene set a dozen years ago where Ray meets Frank, who says he can name the rapist. Caspere was supposed to make the railway pitch at the party. Inside, a Barbie doll-sized nude Asian model floats, breasts exposed. Picture someone with a knife cutting through pillows. In Caspere's bedroom, at the foot of the bed, there is a small chest full of sex toys. Based on what he hears and sees, Velcoro assumes two things: The city manager's been kidnapped, and his bosses already know that. Meanwhile, back at the Vinci Gardens Casino party for the proposed railway, Osip Agranov arrives and greets Frank warmly. Agranov introduces Bugulari to Frank, says they didn't meet in Paris, though we don't know when that was or why they were there. Jordan escorts the visitors to meet others in attendance, like contractors. The car hits a bump on the highway, and the passenger in the back seat slumps against the window. Anticipating the project, several holding companies have already purchased land adjacent to the proposed railway, and they're expecting hundreds of millions in federal grants. Hurricane Dorian bore down on the Bahamas as a fierce Category 4 storm Saturday, with new projections showing it curving upward enough to potentially spare Florida a direct hit but still threatening parts of the Southeast U. Science says age is only a number, not a proxy for physical and mental fitness.

Behind it all, a raspy Leonard Cohen sings "Nevermind," a song that appears on his 2014 album The war was lost The treaty signed I was not caught I crossed the line I was not caught Though many tried I live among you Well disguised I had to leave My life behind I dug some graves You’ll never find The story’s told With facts and lies I had a name But nevermind Never mind Never mind I had to leave my life behind The story's told With facts and lies You own the world So nevermind My woman's here My children, too Their graves are safe From ghosts like you In places deep With roots entwined I live the life I left behind The war was lost The treaty signed I was not caught I crossed the line I was not caught Though many tried I live among you Well-disguised The song's steady 4/4 pattern carries viewers through the minute and a half as images of this season's main characters appear in various degrees of legibility. Money flows through holding companies — all sorts of weird, quasi-legal, probably illegal stuff. Frank utters the missing man's name, throws his glass against the wall, shattering it. Bring your son out, Frank says, and we can do this off the books. Turns out he never spends the night, and she doesn't like this.

As far as law enforcement is concerned, the rapist was never officially caught. A bird on the edge of a blade." He speeds down the highway on his motorcycle.

But Frank Semyon (Vince Vaughn) found out who it was, told Ray, and they took care of him. A career criminal who looks like a businessman, his focus is on securing investors for a high-speed rail project set to begin construction next year. He turns off the headlight at some point after exceeding 100 mph, as if he has a death wish. There's an older man sitting at a picnic bench in the darkness.

There is, of course, a dead man, and the second season begins with a chronicle of what happens around and after his death. That journey is told thorough the lives of four characters. Woodrugh pulls the car over, suspecting the young blond inside of a DUI. (Remember from earlier that he's having Ray Velcoro look into it.) Jordan, Frank's wife, plays diplomat to diffuse the rising tension. Casper sort of holds the purse strings for a lot of stuff. "You're angry at the entire world for something you never received," he says. Drunk and with blood on his sleeve, Ray walks through a parking lot with a sleeping bag under his arm. Ray notices that his son isn't wearing the new shoes he referenced in the first scene.

Rather than telling them sequentially, it feels like creator and writer Nic Pizzolatto wrote the story beats out on individual pieces of paper, shuffled them like a deck of cards and stuck with the order that emerged. He slides wads of cash across the table, says the lawyer should just figure something out. The angry, drunk mayor walks away, and Franks lifts his glass to toast an unnamed man in the distance. A lot of people have to go through him." Velcoro and Dixon visit Caspere's home, and Velcoro picks the lock on the door to get in. There's a painting of an orgy on the wall, phallic statues in his office. It seems like Frank's trying to go straight — or has been for some time. He demands to know what happened, screams and threatens his son until he gives up the name of the bully. In the next scene, Ray is talking into his voice recorder to his son while sitting in his car. Also that he used to want to be an astronaut, "but astronauts don't even go to the moon anymore." The dispatcher comes on the radio, says she has the address for Conroy that he requested.

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