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Kaitlyn, Jason & Mom are wrapping up their exciting adventures in Canada with a fun Drunk Dial conversation.They talk about their final days visiting and compare funny differences in Canadian slang.Blue Apron= Get off when you visit BLUEAPRON.com/OFFTHEVINE.

"Fast forward to Christmas morning…I'm in bed and Justin is up roaming around the hotel room (which is strange in the first place because I'm ALWAYS the first one up! His original plan was to do it later that morning but I think he started getting nervous so he had the urge to do it RIGHT AWAY," Harris recalled. "After several failed attempts, Pasutto finally convinced the brunette beauty to open the box."I just remember staring at the ring and being so confused and thinking it was a joke or that I was being punked …

The fun continues with Kaitlyn and former bachelorette Jillian Harris. Kaitlyn and Jillian talk about drinking to much, enjoying life, and Jillian shares a hilarious bedtime story that every mom can relate to. Kaitlyn and the vinos put her on the hot seat asking all of the hard questions like "What does she want to be when she grow's up and she shares her favorite time with her aunt Kaitlyn.

Plus it's game time as the ladies reveal "the last" person they spoke to from the Bachelor and their favorite person to follow on Instagram. Kaitlyn sits down for a fun conversation with good friend and former bachelorette Jillian Harris.

Plus Kaitlyn & Tori share their best of the best when they play a fun game of "favorite things". Thanks to our sponsors: Quip= Go to GET QUIP.com/VINE right now, you can get your first refill pack for FREE.

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Today, Kaitlyn sits down with She Factors's director of business development Tori Ganahl.

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