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We have been offering jewish online dating service for over 16 years, and have more than two million of mature jewish singles until now!As we all know, jewish senior people are the same as everyone else, they also want to find dating partner, real love even or marriage, so if you would like to date senior jewish singles, it is the best place for you to get online dating now! Whether you are seeking eligible singles or simply interested in meeting other jewish people for social contact and friendship.Shalom, like Dil Mil — which means “heart meeting” in Hindi and Punjabi — positions itself as a happy medium between apps for finding casual encounters, such as Tinder, and ones that are more focused on marriage like e Harmony and It has some 15,000 active users from its beta mode run.“We think we definitely have a better product and the back-end technology stacked to actually match people based on data,” Dhaliwal said.“We do a lot of work in making sure our algorithms are set up in a way that actually results in people matching with people they end up marrying one day.” The app takes into account both external data, such as users’ social media profiles, and behavioral data, like how users have interacted with others on the app, in order to make connections.“We solved a problem in that market where there wasn’t a user-friendly tool that was up to the times in terms of how the youth and our generation is using technology to find potential partners,” Dhaliwal said.

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He’d be a feminist, Jewish boy who appreciated a girl from Long Island.

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