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As with all slang, idioms, and edgy sayings, use with caution, since usage depends upon context.While native French speakers know when and when not to use these expressions, these phrases may tumble out of the mouths of non-native speakers in the wrong context.Some of the most popular sayings in French have made their way into the English language.While these phrases may not always be pronounced in the proper French manner, the spelling has most often stayed intact, and the meaning is the main reason for the phrases importation into English. While these sayings have not made their way into everyday English yet, their frequency in French is high.A few of these districts are the reason Burgundy is so renowned, and produce some of the world's most expensive wines like DRC, or Domaine de la Romanée Conti.If you're looking for some more affordable options, Wine Enthusiast has a guide to buying Burgundy wines.Rent modern French films on DVD or stream them online, or catch programs as they air on television.Listen to French music online, including modern bands and singers who include idioms and sayings in their songs.

The Champagne region is most noted for what else, but, Champagne itself.

Geographically France is blessed as a winemaking country, lying nestled between sea and ocean as well as having a mass of countries to the east, and possessing a rich variety of different soil types.

The term , which describes the personality of a wine created through the impact of the micro-climate, geography, and geology was coined in France.

French wines are hugely diverse, with every imaginable style available - therefore the choice is never ending- and one can enjoy a glorious taste exploration.

If Bordeaux is the father of French wine and Burgundy is the mother an, then the remaining regions could be considered their children - being reminiscent of their parents but with personalities of their own.

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