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Furthermore, the beautiful actress has landed a nomination from Gemini Award for her breathtaking performance in the TV film There’s no doubt that Erica Durance is very hardworking and has put in her best to get to the level at which she is now as an actress cum producer.

Although some sources have pegged her net worth at .5 million, others have placed it at a tidy sum of .5 million.

That would depend on the media but Joan Alexander did the voice of Lois Lane on The New Adventures of Superman, Ginny Mc Swain did the voice of Lois in the 88 animated Superman series, Dana Delany did the voice of Lois in the 90s Superman: The Animated Series television show, Erica Durance had played a live action version of Lois Lane on Smallville, Anne Heche did the voice of Lois Lane in the "Superman: Doomsday"… There was no Louis Lane in any incarnation of the Superman story.

Erica Durance has been in many shows including House of the Dead, The Chris Isaak Show, Tru Calling, Andromeda, Stargate SG-1 and The Collector. The character of Lois Lane was played by the following: Phyllis Coates-Adventures of Superman Teri Hatcher-Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Erica Durance-Smallville Dana Delany-Superman: The Animated Series Actually, she acts Lois Lane in Smallville, but she acted Chloe Sullivan in Smallville's 17th episode in the 8th season, Hex.

Yes, The CW has renewed it for another season, filming starts in July and we'll see hit our TVs most likely in September, so far only Tom Welling (Clark) and Erica Durance (Lois) are 100% officially confirmed for the next season.

Erica herself stated that it was due to her everyday workout routine which may also be the case.

Lois is doing her own investigative research [into the Justice Society of America]. To take the direction to see where did Lois receive from, and for her to be consistent to rally some of those questions, meant so much to me.

Were you excited to see her get wrapped up in the Amanda Waller storyline? I top look to man ass and erica durance and tom welling dating points.

You can send fan mail to Tom Welling at Tom Welling Productions 16000 Ventura Blvd, Suite 900, Encino, CA 91436.

Fan mail for Erica Durance can be sent to PMG Management, P. Box 91310, Station West Vancouver, BC V7V 3N9, Canada.

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co-stars and IRL couple were spotted filming a finale scene for the third season on Wednesday (May 2) in Vancouver, Canada.

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