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One needs to be able to read the subtext within the carefully crafted legal briefs.

4) This opinion creates a landscape that could be both dangerous and helpful for our path toward our eventual victory on this issue.In fact, we don’t even bring up the subject of the Trump presidency unprovoked. We essentially tell her that this person is a mistake who never should have found himself into the Oval Office. For her, resistance means simply adhering to the basics that she learns in preschool everyday.It’s just that we have a very bright child on our hands, and she questions everything she hears. This then leads to a whole discussion about ovals and how they’re shaped liked eggs. In fact, she has kind of taught me a thing or to about how to resist. This is not how I would have raised a child during the George W.I know when they see a cause fro celebration and when they see concern within their “victory.” They see concern here.They know that another gay couple could go back into Masterpiece, suffer the same discrimination (or worse now that Phillips feels emboldened), and file a new suit. And if/when this happens, the ADF will be even more optionless than they were before.

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The whole point of the email was to highlight how CWA and its then-president, the truly extreme Sandy Rios, was standing in praise of their boss, the president. He might have secretly opposed the Bush marriage war. We do, however, have evidence that the man who could be deciding any number of LGBTQ matters over the next several decades was on the team that, if left to its devices, would have responded to the an impossibility. But at the very least, it should certainly merit a question or two in the upcoming confirmation hearings.

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