Did chris crocker dating jef star who is christofer drew ingle dating 2016

There are so many other things he’s good at, he’s an internet personality, makeup artist, beauty influencer, singer, songwriter, actor, and a shrewd businessman.

Among the many things he’s known and acclaimed for, he is famous for his androgynous appearances and gender-bending looks.

Hannah confesses she doesn't like carrots on TV, and it has a backlash through her fans who stop eating them.

Going on TV again to change her comment makes things worse.

Jeffree Lynn Steininger was the birth name given to the cosmetics guru, Jeffree Star.

He was born in Orange County, California, United States of Amerca on 15th November 1985 and he attended Pacifica High School in Garden Grove, California.

Jeffree has also freelanced as a makeup artist at a MAC Cosmetics store.

When you can’t stop thinking about makeup, go play with some. Since he discovered his first lipstick, he has nursed a dream to create and own his very own brand.

His interest in cosmetics and makeup spiked with the observation of several cosmetics ads and models in his mother’s fashion magazines.

He was laughed at and mocked for his dressing which is more feminine. Jeffree found what he loved to do and would be doing for a very long time and as such, other people’s opinions meant nothing to him.

He took music classes in school and grew better with instruments as well as words.

The makeup line has among its collections Beauty Killer eyeshadow palette, skin frost, velour liquid lipsticks, and velour lip scrub.

He has a great love for lips which inspires him to make the most lightweight liquid-to-matte lipstick and creating new colors.

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