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However, when Bühler-Ilieva and Geser (2002) asked more than 4000 users of a big Swiss partner portal about their experiences, 4% claim to already have fallen in love on the first email contact.

Afterwards, participants judged how confident they felt with the impression they have formed of the target person, how pronounced the impression was, and how much they would like to get in contact with that girl.Surprisingly little information seems to suffice us humans when we are about to form an impression of others.In his pioneer work on the field, Solomon Asch stated: “We look at a person and immediately, a certain impression of his character forms itself in us.In how far this may simply reflect an instance of hindsight-bias or “knew-it-all-along”-effect (Fischhoff, 1975; for reviews, see Christensen-Szalanski, & Willham, 1991, and, more recently, Blank, Nestler, von Collani & Fischer, 2009) remains an open question.Email as a medium is, however, of course quite different from a static self-presentational text.

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  1. Emily Thorne struggles to maintain the guise of a normal, happy marriage while plotting to avenge her father's murder, but her off-screen counterpart, Emily Van Camp, has no problem with genuine love and honesty.