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Ji-seob was not satisfied with his earlier performance in the 2002 film "Can't Live Without Robbery" and became drawn to the character of Gang-pae in "Rough Cut" due to the depth of his character and his position in life. First Korean drama series I saw - fell in love with this young dr. Reminded me so much of my husband when we first met. I just wanted to show you how he is somewhat able to portray the characters you listed :). Yes he's hot and his voice is orgasmic, his acting is good but it's not mindblowing. I do not mind being made fun of for saying this: I watched I'm Sorry, I Love You just under a week ago. Frankly, I cannot comprehend why fans love So on I'm Sorry, I Love You. Good luck with your FM's in Taiwan, Shanghai and Japan...appreciate you much, kamsamnida..... please come back to the small screen with actresses like Park shin hye, Yoon Eun hye, Han Hye Jo, hwang jung eum, Shin min ah or Gianna jun..please producers make him act with one of them...pleaaaaaaase! I don't remember when I first notice him but it wasn't liking at first sight. Thank you so much for "So Love" such a sweet and beautiful song to remind your adoring fans that you will never forget us. I sorely miss the guy for new thing (haisssst) haven't heard news about him past 2 months after the fan meeting... I will be Going to Korea soon and hope to see you there Another Drama Please Oppa,i hope you can meet & reunion with Ha ji won unnie in a new drama..i miss the chemystry between oppa & unnie.been along time ago since What happened in Bali,but i'm still looking forward for you two can together in new drama. i never forget when you say to sunny "get lose"w/ hand gesture.. Wish he could produce more cheerful gentleman role since it really match his look & character. lm And I'll surely watch it and for now I am trying to find and watch all your movie and films from the start of your career and in the future... A big fan of yours : D i love to see you in the master's sun... I have watched this over and over and over again many times (just like Cain & Abel) and to go from the melo dramatic roles of SJS, to a much more lighthearted, funny and sweet story, has been so fulfilling and so satisfying. SJS, you are like a bottle of fine red (expensive) wine that beautifies and deepens with age. i like So Ji Sub when first time i watched him at Phantom...i watched Master's Sun, he really steal my heart!!

"Rough Cut" would go on to garner critical and commercial success, helping to make So Ji-Sub even more popular. Changed my life and I then watched every film ever made, never realizing that he was a big star until I tried to tell people about this fabulous actor I discovered. I read in an interview in 2012 that he doesn't like to take roles that are far away from his real persona (which is introverted and quiet). I'd like to see more range but I haven't seen him do anything that is outside of his "typical role" which is more introverted or private. Better than alot of that mainstream stuff going on these days. I thought he have the best chemistry with Gong Hyo Jin. Oppa you're The best, i hope you'll make another drama very soon! I saw his interpretation both in movies and dramas and he's realistic and talentuous in dramatic roles as well as in bright comedies. To say the TV series is melodramatic is an understatement. What is there not to love about him on Master's Sun?! *dead curious* in OH MY VENUS i have noticed that you just take every scene and don't even have to say a it with your eyes..expressive...i have seen almost all of your dramas over here in nyc-usa and am always mesmerized by your on top of all that talent you are sexy as You're eyes speak in your character in oh my Venus... His acting and demeanor are two things that slowly seep into your mind over time as he becomes more define and mature. I love to saw you together even though just in drama. Acting,music,and real life:-D Oppa,i hope you can meet & reunion with Ha ji won unnie in a new drama..i miss the chemystry both of you.been along time ago since What happened in Bali,but i still looking forward for you two have a reunion & be a couple in drama. You are always going be the best So Ji Sub @@ omg I share my birthday with him too (like two other people mentioned) : D YAY!!! I Love So Ji sub since Joogun-ui Taeyang (TMS) SBS drama. I like his act so much, it because when he act in his film like I play with him to be his partner. Saranghae continue to be humble and honest always I love his dark films more than the rom-coms. you are and gong hyo jin is the best prefect couple ever.. you both have a good chemistry,that make me want to see you both to become a real couple.. I will to wait a good news from you and her fall in love each other... SJS, you are an amazing actor, "The Masters Sun" is my absolute favourite K-Drama for 2013.. Looking forward to your next venture, your next project whether it be performing live on stage (sigh! I wish you much love, happiness, success and blessings in your future endeavors and hope that you will soon find that perfect someone special to share your life with...(fighting! always pray for your career & life..i can't wait for your next drama...your smile :) SJS, fightinggggggg...!!!!

In 1995 Ji-Sub debuted as a model for clothing company STORM. I am sure I will never get to meet you in person, as I live in the Carribean, but I will continue to watch your movies via the Internet. However, after watching Yu Ryung (Ghost), I thought that he has developed his acting skill or he got mature in both inside and outside. His roles tend to be either a quiet, introverted, serious guy. Keep up the great work, and thank you for sharing your talents with the world! I hope that you will become a lead in a tv series anytime soon. You might be a little old but youre def better than all those 20s actors which only have good looks. Love your act, love your personality, and love those gloomy eyes of you. Please make more dramas and a reunion drama or movie with Im Soo Jeong with happy ending. So Ji Sub performed at his finest in a fantastic drama about a man who unintentionally becomes one of the best soldiers in the Korean war. As long as you need us, I am sure we will be there. and the cute ordinary man So Ji SUb" DO YOU KNOW THAT I LIKE YOU? I am so attached to this korean drama, master's sun and became a fan of your. I also admire your partner in this can visit the Philippines someday and be paired with one of our actresses. the best scene for me there is when you are discussing to taeyang the land you owned while seeing on the telescope together . Although there's a low chance of meeting you, if I do, I will literally cry of happiness! I like watch all movies and all Drama Series, I'm always waiting for you to play new drama , So Ji-Sub, you are so hand some and. He has fabulous acting regarding his role and that was so cheerful to watch.

I hope to see you on the screen soon with Park Shin-Hye for your new project with the romantic comedy drama genre. In this times, I wish I exist in the fantasy world with you. I normally don't have a 'thing' for any celebrity, but you, Sir, have made an impression on me. Shin Min Ah played his trainee/lover very well too, it's nice to see another unnie with dimples. I have unhealthy obsession on him, i think i fell in love into his soul. After wandering into all things about him, from youtube and 1250 page at soompi forum i got deeper and deeper fell into his charm. I am not talking about a physical strength, but a spiritual strength that has developed due to something(s) you have experienced in your life. Marlis His best drama to date is still (I'm sorry, I love You). I really love this actor eversince I 've watched The Master's Sun from then I followed and wathced all his dramas and movies every now and then over youtube.

..once u visit India or else I'll definitely come finding u at Korea? Learning on how's talent he has or how's intention he pay to his work and how's nice of him. I have watch his act in local TV over 10 years ago in Sorry, I love you and What Happened in Bali. he may not the so called superstar nowadays but he could beat any actor .. You'll break my heart if you'll get married So Ji Sub, I still want you to be happy. It looks good on you, makes you look younger than your age. I used to be fit and healthy but over the 4 years, I became lazy, no more exercise in my daily routine. Well, can imagine over the years my weight is almost exceeded 70kg.

Then I tried searching his old picture, his old drama/film/song also his personal life as much as I can find. :) --yoursupportivefanfrom Philippines Hi..first knew u when my friend told me about your movie Oh My Venus! Yes, i have to admit that i really like your strong, mascular physique.

If i have to be confronted with a choice between you, Jo Insung and Gong Yoo. crossfingers you could be paired with Hwang jung eum, shin hye or Gianna Jun(wow you look fantastic together now that I think abt that! Although it is late, I am claim my self as Ji-Sub fans now. The shape, the contours and the size are perfect on your face. How I wish it was me but I know it is impossible so I'll just be happy to who ever lucky girl catches your heart. Thank you for giving me the strenghth the courage to move on, eventhough there is no Coach like you but i will keep u in my mine. You are handsome, has a great talent as an actor, and among other attributes has a wonderful physique.

you are perfect the size of a handsome man in Korea. I really love So Jisub especially in his recent drama Oh My Venus. Frankly speaking that I'm the one of many women that falling in love to Sojisub..ha ha Keep up the work and hope to see him in person whether in Korea or Thailand. I just re-watch I'm Sorry, I love you again and I think this is the best classic drama ever. He is doing very good, (I think it's best) in all serious and dark character, but recently after watching Oh My Venus and Master's Sun, I found that Ji-Sub is damned so cute! I may;) After watching a couple of movies of So Ji Sub, I am watching his Korean music videos. Having said that, I really really want to watch So Ji Sub in American music videos as well. ) Some of my favorite singers of music videos include Taylor Swift, Britney Spear, Cristina Aguilera, etc. So Ji Sub - you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. Hope you'l meet the woman who will understand your work and still loves you. I took up belly dance class lately, started to do some work out while watching ur movie. Mr So Ji Sub You have been blessed by God with some wonderful attributes.

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His friend failed to get the job, but Ji-Sub was selected. Keep up the good work and may God continue to bless you. :) I hope im a korean near to your side so I could see you in person.:) Saranghe ajhussi! Has been your fans since Glass Slippers, I can't stop my love to you, oppa. But I guess people forgot about it since those roles didn't make him relevant. v=h7Rh6bx EY_A Here's a drama called Glass Slippers and his character is so LOVABLE here, he's like a loveless puppy~~ https:// v=i6Pus Ezer SQ This is his drama called a Thousand Years Of Love, he's very loud and has anger problems here haha. with my favorite Korean actress Shin min-Ah i just cant believe it ; OMG hope it's gonna be a nice one,, so excited to watch it, CONGRATULATIONS! So ji sub you made us wait for tooooo long so excittedddd with Shin min ah ! Very talented actor, rapper (listen to his rap song "picnic" feat. I find you great actor with just the movement of your eyes n face:) right??? So Ji Sub That I Bought all the things that has your picture on it like Magazines,keychains,tumbler and etc.. "Get lost" is your line that i can't forget,.hahaha! You're gentle, good looking, intelligent, kind, and overall so passionate about your work that it held such a positive effect onto your career. Though he was best known for "I am sorry, I love you", I didn't enjoy it that much since it was a sad ending. He is perfect and I am looking forward to know more news about him.

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