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A person who is overly picky in their taste in people may be using it as a defensive mechanism, because it’s easy to keep other people from getting too close if no one can ever live up to their wild expectations.

Emotions often cloud our perspective and judgment, particularly in the initial stages of a relationship.

They may even get involved in a relationship for a brief while, sometimes not even weeks, and then drop it immediately.

Though some would describe it as hard work, it can be joyous if you are mutually working toward a healthy, loving relationship with someone who respects and values you.

People with commitment issues often dwell in that lustful honeymoon phase of dating or a relationship, jumping out of it when the shine starts to wear off to pursue something new.

There are some people out there who claim to only experience attraction to people who are otherwise unavailable.

Unavailable can mean a person who is in another relationship, currently swamped under academic or work-related loads, is not emotionally or mentally healthy enough for a relationship, or has just been through a breakup where they haven’t healed from that relationship ending.

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Does the person want to hang out or go out on dates? Or do they constantly have a reason and excuse as to why they can’t get together or even reschedule?

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