Dating for hiv positive

I think the survey results from the Terrence Higgins Trust’s Can’t Pass it On campaign that suggest 30 per cent of people would ‘swipe left’ on someone with HIV probably underrepresents what they would actually do in that situation.

My advice to someone who is newly diagnosed and looking to date is to take your time.

For 24 hours I listed my profile and didn’t mention my HIV status, and then for the next 24 hours I did mention my HIV status.

Messages literally flooded in during the first 24 hours.

“HIV medication (antiretroviral treatment, or ART) works by reducing the amount of the virus in the blood to undetectable levels.We met online after they read an article about me, and we started chatting.He had done his homework and was pretty clued up before we started dating.Your HIV status is actually a tiny part of everything that makes you the amazing person that you are.I try and get people I talk with to think about their sexual health and take responsibility for it.

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