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Contributors will be credited as an instrument owner or photographer upon request. Serial number and model name – where to find it To submit instrument info please drop me a message. Privacy notice: The name or e-mail address of info contributors are treated as confidential and will not be published or disclosed to any third party.Extrapolation algorithms tentatively attribute undocumented SN/model pairs in gaps between two (assumed) adjacent model batches – see example in Fig. 4: Extrapolation of SN/model pairs between two assumed model batches (example): The 6 undocumented SNs 55236–55241 are likely to include models of the previous batch (=Triumph) and/or subsequent batch (=Blackstone), although their relative distribution is not known.Our applied extrapolation algorithm equally assigns 50% of the missing SNs to the previous model and 50% to the subsequent model – in this example 3 Triumphs and 3 Blackstones.However all missing numbers between the lowest and highest documented SNs of an assumed model batch can be "interpolated" i.e.tentatively identified (with high probability) to also be examples of that same model.An exception (and not included in this figure) is the Zephyr Hawaiian model which carried on where the pre-war SN system C had left off, starting around SN 7307 in 1946 and ending around SN 7908 in 1949 – approx. Note that it is uncertain if this SN range was shared with pre-war amplifiers (see note above).The year 1949 brought significant changes to Epiphone's model lineup and likewise to their SN systems.

Documented examples of the new Kent Hawaiian show "special" SNs in the 75 to 171 range (stamped on headstock).

reflecting the timeline of production only within each model.

This system allows for pretty precise estimates of production figures per model in this period: the highest (known) SN suffix of a model indicating the total number produced – summing up to an estimated total of 2160 units.

Based on our registry data, similar charts and conclusions can be made for any model or time period.

Although these estimates are still somewhat speculative and approximate at best, they are certainly based on a much larger data sample of higher quality than that on which previous research was based.

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(Note: recommended research resources on Epiphone banjos and Epiphone upright basses.) Generally not included in this project are any Epiphone instruments built after the 1957 take-over by CMI/Gibson – instruments made in Kalamazoo MI, typically stated on their internal label.

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