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You said: "Is the cultural obsession with Jewish women a testament to our greatness, or a sign of our marginalization? Your very blog entry is the epitome of the type of incestuous intellectual schlock I describe: Chris Noxon writes a story, Member of the Tribe Leah Berkenwald responds with a story, and it soon dominoes into 4,000 other Jewish or philo-semitic stories trumpeting the validity of the initial fairy-tale.

It's both incestuous and masturbatory, not to mention completely delusional. Ethnic Jewish chicks from Long Island or Staten Island are some of the least desirable creatures on the planet.

For this reason, I thank the duality actor-actress, lion-lioness and, of course, Jew-Jewess.

As Judith candidly put it in our conversation about this article, “Anything that fetishizes or stereotypes a whole category of people is never a good starting point.” In the piece, Noxon attempts to explain the attraction to Jewish women.

He notes the “double mitzvah” of sex on Shabbat as evidence that Judaism encourages women to be sexually open and adventurous.

This refers to the over-emphasis of ethnicity to the point where women are no longer human beings, but “creatures” of wild or foreign beauty.

The media constantly fetishizes women of color in this way.

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Today, American Jews occupy a fuzzy space between power and marginalization, and between whiteness and “the exotic.” Noxon’s piece embodies that bridge of identities. Tamar Fox of Mixed Multitudes was somewhere in between being offended and flattered.

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