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“Friends just want to say goodbye,” this source eerily says.

Many of Walters' other friends were horrified that she would even talk to Cohn, but what Walters reveals for the first time in "Audition" is that Cohn somehow got a warrant for her father's arrest dismissed. And I might have thought the same way, but he did something when my father was in trouble, [and] I never forgot that."Loyalty, she says, means everything to her. In his autobiography, Cohn claimed that the judge imposed the death penalty on the Rosenbergs on his recommendation.

She stares at the same page of a newspaper for hours." Continues the source: “All she does is go from the bed to her wheelchair and back again.

"She hasn’t seen her beloved hairdresser or makeup artist, Lori, in over a year.

The long-time reporter and former co-host on The View has not been seen in public for about a year and a half.

Walters married her second husband Lee Guber, theater owner and theatrical producer on 8 December 1963 and divorced in 1976.

Later, she married third husband Merv Adelson, the CEO of Lorimar Television in 1981 and divorced in 1984. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, and Edward Brooke.

“Barbara broke her hip a few months ago, and she’s in a wheelchair now 24/7,” writes Radar, quoting its source on the story.

“She sits propped up in it in her library overlooking Central Park all day.

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