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I’m also a student and need a sugar daddy to pay bills, first of all, tuition fees.I’m an easy-going person and I know that in a relationship the giving should be mutual. Describing myself I am a 22-year-old sugar baby, I am on this site because I want to meet someone who will introduce me to the good things in life.I'm looking for someone who can be a great conversationalist and fun to be around.I want someone I can please and who will appreciate it. Life is challenging but I know there are kind men, maybe, this man for me will be you.Among the 24 sugar babies and four sugar daddies I spoke to, financial arrangements varied widely.There was typically some expectation, on both sides, of a genuine romantic relationship.

I want to find a sugar daddy so that I wouldn’t waste my beauty as I know I have been born to be among elites.

It’s called sugaring, and if the definition sounds vague to you, that’s by design.

The relationship between sugar babies and sugar daddies exists in a legal grey area, somewhere between illegal sex work and traditional dating.

However, don’t think I’m self-focused, I’m altruistic too.

Describing myself I'm fun and open minded to different lifestyles.

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