Agnostic dating service dating rules for women over 40

Did you know there are Facebook pages, support groups, meetup groups, and even a dating service for agnostic/atheist folks? Here’s the cliff note version: I am moral, kind and giving person.

Sometimes, I find it shocking how open people are nowadays with their non-beliefs. I may not live by the words in the Bible, but I know the difference between right and wrong.

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I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how open many other military spouses have been to my beliefs – kind, almost curious.

I’ve enrolled my children in a Jewish synagogue for summer camps and Baptist preschools.

I want my children exposed to faith, God and religion and hope they find it for themselves.

For some, accepting people who are different has proven to be difficult. He supports me and we couldn’t be married if he didn’t.

As for my children, I want to give them the opportunity to believe in God, but it doesn’t feel right coming from me.

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