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This ability in part has something to do with Scorpio being a water sign. That’s because all three are represented by the element of water.FYI: The scorpion species is considered an arachnid.So much of what appears on the Internet about these men is confusing. Like many other Scorpio men, I am eerily drawn to the supernatural.Long ago, I learned to accept this and not question Psycho-spiritualism is a .00 word used to describe the blending of spirituality with modern psychology.

The same holds true in other life areas, such as career and business.

Much of this has to do with the previously mentioned trait of obsessiveness.

The bad part is that Scorpios (particularly men) sometimes have a “win at any cost” mentality.

Additionally, the manipulation stems (in part) as a reaction to the above-mentioned jealousy trait.

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